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I was born in the former German Democratic Republic and had an interest in geology since my teens. After finishing my diploma in Germany (equivalent to MSc), I did my PhD on a metamorphosed VMS deposit in NL, Canada, supervised by Steve Piercey and co-supervised by Paul Sylvester. This project manifested my interest in ore mineralogy, hydrothermal deposit genesis, geochemistry, and exploration. Since January 2020, I am the Assistant Professor in Economic Geology at the University of Manitoba.

Last field day with snow
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Pillow basalt with quenched margin
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Glacial stream following fault
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Py replaced by magnetite in qtz
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Field work at high altitude
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First snow during fieldwork
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Hyaloclastic breccia with pillow basalt fragments
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Elemental map of pyrite replaced by magnetite
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Field day
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Metal transport and deposition

Investigating the metal transport of precious, transition and semi-metals in the supergene and hypogene environment.

Since Jan 2020

Assistant Professor, University of Manitoba

Mineral and isotope chemistry of ore minerals

Using in situ micro-analytical techniques to constrain the origin of metals and fluids and to decipher the genesis of ore deposits.

Genesis of hydrothermal ore deposit

Applying field and lab data to constrain the origin of hydrothermal ore deposits and their tectonic setting.

2018 - 2019

Research Associate, Laurentian University


Lecturer, Auburn University


PhD student, Memorial University of Newfoundland

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